Agromedicine Overview

Many People think of “Pesticides” only as chemicals that kill insects.  When using this website, keep in the mind the correct-- and broader-- definition of Pesticide: any substance that kills, repels, or otherwise controls any pest. Herbicides (weedkillers), fungicides, rodenticides, insecticides, etc. are all types of pesticides."

Agromedicine is a partnership of medical and agricultural professionals promoting the health and safety of farm families, agricultural workers, and consumers of agricultural products. The Maryland Agromedicine Program focuses on persons exposed or potentially exposed to pesticides. The program offers workshops, educational materials, and resources to help health care professionals learn to diagnose pesticide exposures and treat if necessary. Maryland Agromedicine Program activities accessible through this web site include seminars, publications, and links to resources for health care providers.

The Maryland Agromedicine Program is coordinated through the Maryland Pesticide Education and Assessment Program based at the University of Maryland, College Park.

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