Workshops & Seminars for Health Care Providers

The Maryland Agromedicine Program offers seminars and workshops by request for health care providers and other professionals. Topics addressed can include:

    • definition of terms
    • brief review of pertinent laws and regulations
    • patterns of pesticide use and exposure
    • potential acute and chronic effects of pesticides
    • current pesticide-related health concerns or issues
    • taking an exposure history
    • diagnosis and treatment of pesticide-related illnesses.

Seminar participants receive two manuals:

    • the Pesticide Resource Book for Health Professionals
    • Recognition and Management of Pesticide Poisoning.

Seminars have been offered for school nurses, sanitarians, clinicians who treat migrant and seasonal workers, and other audiences. To arrange a seminar or workshop for your group, contact the University of Maryland Pesticide Education and Assessment office by calling 301-405-3928 or by e-mailing