Pesticide Policy Information & Assessment Program

Many People think of “Pesticides” only as chemicals that kill insects.  When using this website, keep in the mind the correct-- and broader-- definition of Pesticide: any substance that kills, repels, or otherwise controls any pest. Herbicides (weedkillers), fungicides, rodenticides, insecticides, etc. are all types of pesticides."

The Pesticide Policy Information and Assessment Program (PPIA) is designed to gather and transmit information on issues relevant to pest management strategies, including the use of pesticides.

The program director serves as a liaison between pest managers, agencies, and institutions such as

  • University and state and federal officials
  • researchers
  • Extension educators
  • growers
  • consumers
  • health care providers
  • and other stakeholders

The program connects such stakeholders to each other to facilitate development and use of research-based information about pesticide use, policies, regulations, developing issues, and technologies.


The program’s long-term objective is improved pesticide policy to:

  1. ensure continued availability of appropriate pesticides and alternative strategies for pest management and
  2. protect and enhance human health, wildlife, and the environment.     


Program and project leader contact: