Just-in-Time Info

The Just-In-Time Pesticide Info service, developed and maintained by the Pesticide Education and Assessment Program, provides "just-in- time" notice to Maryland stakeholders on pesticide issues. Opportunities to weigh in on issues related to pesticide regulations, registrations, restrictions, approvals, and cancellations are often time-sensitive. A free subscription to the Listserv maximizes the time subscribers have to learn about possible actions, prepare comments, or plan for meetings. Items typically covered by the Listserv include:

  • requests for comment on proposed actions such as cancellations, restrictions, or changes in pesticide registrations;
  • notification of upcoming pesticide policy-related meetings; and
  • other time-sensitive pesticide issues.

To subscribe to Just-In-Time Pesticide Info:

    • Send an email to listserv@listserv.umd.edu

      Send the message from the email address to which you want the information sent

    • The body of the email should contain the line:
         subscribe pesticide-quickinfo 'your name'
      Replace 'your name' with the appropriate information