The University of Maryland Extension Pesticide Education & Assessment Program develops and distributes pesticide information targeted to pesticide applicators, health care providers, and the general public.

  • Pesticide Information Leaflets
    These leaflets, developed and published by the University of Maryland Extension Pesticide Education & Assessment Program, cover a variety of pesticide-related topics of interest to pesticide applicators, health care professionals, &/or the general public.

  • Crop Profiles
    PEAP has participated in a USDA national initiative to provide comprehensive, accurate data on historical pesticide use. These Crop Profiles provide the complete production story for a commodity. Crop Profiles were developed under USDA grants offered in earlier years but still provide good background information.

  • Pesticide Applicator Training Manuals
    Training resources to prepare for the the Maryland Department of Agriculture's Certified Pesticide Applicator Licences

  • Just-in-Time Info
    The Just-In-Time Pesticide Info service, developed and maintained by the Pesticide Education and Assessment Program, provides "just-in- time" notice, via a subscription email service, to Maryland stakeholders on pesticide issues. Subscribers are notified of upcoming pesticide policy-related meetings; requests for comment on proposed actions such as cancellations, restrictions, or changes in registrations; and other time-sensitive pesticide issues.