Certified Applicator Training

Individuals who need to use pesticides classified as restricted (those that may cause harm to humans or to the environment even when used according to the directions on the label) must show that they are competent to apply restricted use products (RUPs) by passing a certification examination, administered by the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA). Once attained, certification may be maintained by attending courses approved by the MDA.

University of Maryland Extension offers the following MDA-approved training opportunites to assist those seeking certification or re-certification:

UME and MDA work closely on pesticide applicator training. As a regulatory agency, MDA's primary role in applicator training is developing and administering certification exams. UME takes the primary role in developing and delivering pesticide safety education to help private and commercial applicators pass MDA's certification exams, as well as providing education to others who are not required to pass examinations but need or want to improve their knowledge and skills about using pesticides in the safest manner.