Pesticide Applicator Training Manuals

Individuals who need to use pesticides classified as Restricted Use Pesticides (RUPs) or who need to become certified to work for a pest control business must show that they are competent to apply restricted products by passing a certification examination administered by the Maryland Department of Agriculture. Manuals in the Pesticide Applicator Training Series are used to provide self-help training for applicators studying to take certification exams in Maryland. All Maryland exam questions are based on the information contained in these manuals.

The following Maryland Pesticide Applicator manuals are available as described in the section below:

    • Core Manual for Private Applicators
    • Core Manual for Commercial Applicators
    • Agricultural Manual
    • Ornamentals & Turf Manual
    • Aquatic Pest Control Manual

For manuals to help prepare for other categories, visit the Maryland Department of Agriculture website.

How to Obtain Manuals -- Private Applicators

The Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA underwrites part of the cost of one Core Manual for each individual seeking certification as a private applicator. Individuals seeking to become certified as private applicators (producers of crops or commodities) will be tested only on core material. Therefore, you only need to obtain the Core Manual to help you prepare for the certification exam. Although private applicators are not tested on category-specific information, the category manual may still serve as a good resource and can be ordered by following the directions listed below under "Commercial Applicators."

To obtain the Private Applicator Manual at the reduced price, contact your University of Maryland Extension county office.

How to Obtain Manuals -- Commercial Applicators

Manuals for Commercial Applicators may be purchased directly from the University of Maryland Book Center (the official bookstore for University of Maryland, College Park) either on-line or through the mail.

  • TO PURCHASE ON-LINE WITH CREDIT CARD – Access the University Book Center and make selections as described below:

    1. TERM – Leave this choice as it appears on the site.
    2. DEPARTMENT – Select ENTM (Entomology).
    3. COURSE – Select the manual you want from the drop-down list:
      • AGRIC (Agricultural Manual) o AQUATIC (Aquatic Pest Control Manual)
      • CORE (Core Manual for Commercial Applicators)
      • ORN & TURF (Ornamentals and Turf Manual)
    4. SECTION – Select MANUAL.
    5. To add another manual, repeat the process on another line.
    6. When you have finished selecting the manual(s) you want to purchase, click on the button FIND MATERIALS.
    7. On the next screen, at SELECT FORMAT, choose BUY NEW. (Note: For textbooks for regular courses on campus, the Bookstore offers a default choice of “buy used” at a default discounted rate; however, there are no used manuals for pesticide applicators.)
    8. Click on the button ADD ITEM(S) TO CART.
    9. On the next screen, check to make sure the item(s) listed is/are correct. To change your order, click on EDIT (in red, at the top right-hand corner of each item). You will then be able to update the quantity (fill in the number you want and click on UPDATE) or remove an item (click on REMOVE and then choose OK).
    10. Click on CHECKOUT and follow the directions on-line to complete your purchase. Note that you may choose to set up an account, or you may simply continue as a guest.


    1. Write a letter identifying the title and quantity of the manual(s) you want:
      • Core Manual for Commercial Applicators
      • Agricultural Manual
      • Ornamentals and Turf Manual
      • Aquatic Pest Control Manual
    2. Include your check or money order for the correct amount. If you have Internet access, you can follow the procedures above to determine the cost of the manual(s), including tax plus shipping. If you do not have Internet access, or you cannot determine the final cost, call the Book Center at 301-314-2718.
    3. Be sure to include your mailing address and a contact number.
    4. Mail your letter and your check or money order to:
      Atttn: Textbook Manager / Pesticide Applicator Manuals
      University Book Center
      Adele Stamp Student Union, Bldg. 163
      University of Maryland
      College Park, MD 20742


    • For questions about purchasing Commercial Applicator Manuals, or to check on your order, call the Book Center textbook manager at 301-314-2718.