Registered Employee Training-DVD Series

In Maryland, all persons who apply pesticides for a business must be trained as either commercial applicators or as registered employees who work under the supervision of a commercial applicator.

To become registered employees, these individuals must be trained by their employers in specific information including pesticide laws and regulations, and safe handling for protection of the applicator, the environment, and the public.

The six-part video series, Using Pesticides Safely, was developed by the PEAP to train registered employees and is widely used throughout the state and across the country. Ideal for educating new employees as well as for updating experienced applicators, this fast-paced series is packed with essential information and standards on pesticide safety. Each module is professionally narrated and re-creates application situations that are crucial for every employee to handle correctly. The set is available on VHS or DVD. The DVD is available in both Spanish and English.

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  • The DVD, containing all six modules, is $120.
  • The VHS version is now $60/six-module set.
  • Individual modules on VHS are available for $15/tape.

To purchase:

  • CHECK or MONEY ORDER (for DVD or VHS): Send a check or money order payable to University of Maryland to:
    Administrative Assistant
    Department of Entomology
    4112 Plant Sciences Building
    University of Maryland
    College Park, MD 20742
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      • the name of the DVD ("Using Pesticides Safely") you are ordering
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    For questions, please call Avis Koeiman at 301-405-3913.