DVD—Using Pesticides Safely

Developed by the PEAP to train registered employees, the video series Using Pesticides Safely, contains six modules:

Shot on location, this tightly edited series is designed to hold the attention of viewers. A special preview prompted the following comments:
    “A lot of information in a short film.”
    “Easy to pay attention to.”
    “Well done and useful overall.”
    “Very well put together … straightforward … very clear
      with good explanations.”

Among the many points covered are the important role of EPA regulations and laws, understanding and using the label, the types of safety equipment required for most jobs, and safe methods for transporting, mixing, and storing pesticides. You also learn how to clean up pesticide spills, minimize worker exposure, and avoid contaminating the environment.

On-screen self-tests, printed questions and answers, and a discussion guide help employers make sure their employees understand essential information.

Pesticide Laws and Regulations covers FIFRA; the roles of EPA, FDA, and state and local governments; and the principles of Right-to-Know laws. The written discussion guide also provides information about state laws and regulations using Maryland as a model; other states can substitute their own information. (Time: 12:02 min).

The Pesticide Label
Presents how and when to read the label, and identifies the various components of the label. (Time: 12:02).

Protecting the Pesticide Handler
Explains the routes of exposure; potential adverse health effects, including acute and chronic effects as well as sensitivity; selection, use, and cleaning of protective gear; and emergency procedures. (Time: 13:05).

Guidelines for Proper Pesticide Handling
Shows correct procedures for storing, transporting, mixing, applying, and disposing of pesticides. Examines a storage facility and describes triple rinse disposal. (Time: 10:48).

Pesticides and the Environment
Focuses on how poor work habits with pesticides can contaminate our environment. Shows a pesticide spill and what actions to take to clean it up. Explains the importance of using safe practices to protect wildlife and endangered species. (Time: 10:55).

Integrated Pest Management
Explains the components of Integrated Pest
Management (IPM). Shows monitoring for pests and beneficial insects and explains the concept of economic and aesthetic thresholds. (Time: 11:20).


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